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Cocktail Functions

Cocktail parties have made a great comeback in the last few years.

Birthday parties, corporate functions, engagement celebrations and even weddings – these are the common types of occasions that we are seeing take advantage of the cocktail-style mode of entertaining.

As far as guests are concerned, cocktail-style entertaining is a great, relaxed way to mingle with others or network with colleagues (integral to corporate functions).

These days, whilst not literally defined by the serving of cocktails, hosting an event in this manner has many benefits when compared to a sit-down function. Firstly you are not so restricted with the duration – cocktail parties are generally arranged to last anywhere between 2-4 hours (or longer if that’s your fancy). Secondly if you’re on a strict budget then choosing a cocktail-style function can allow more flexibility with how you feed your guests – this is excellent when you don’t want guests stuck in their seats for a three course meal when they can instead enjoy a variety of grazing options throughout the evening.

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Having made the decision to hold a cocktail function, your next step is to find yourself a venue. One of the most important factors when organising an event is finding a great venue that is not only suitable for the particular occasion you’re hosting but one that has the capacity and design to deliver successful stand-up functions.

As specialists in hospitality and event management, Red Rock Venues have a gained a strong reputation for outstanding, personalised customer service and function delivery amongst their portfolio of award-winning venues located all around Australia.

Take a look through the list of premium venues, where you are sure to find the perfect option for your next cocktail function.

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“It is our aim to help you confidently create successful, seamless and memorable events at each of our award-winning venues and boutique spaces across Melbourne, Sydney and Cairns.”


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