End of Financial Year Function Ideas Melbourne/Sydney 2018

End of Financial Year Function Ideas Melbourne/Sydney 2018

Are you planning on holding an End of Financial Year event in either Melbourne or Sydney?

If not, you should be! It’s a great way to acknowledge your team, and can be a good way to reflect on the year gone and/or provide some motivation for the year ahead.

So if you’ve got a budget that needs to be spent before July 1, you just need an excuse for a party then read on for some ideas on how to throw an excellent End of Financial Year Function!

Whilst it does require some forethought, a themed party is always a favourite. Here are a few themes you could consider:

  • Winter Wonderland – embrace winter in Melbourne by suggesting a dress code such as white ot blue (or both);
  • If you’re really struggling with the Melbourne autumn/winter vortex, you could counteract it by throwing a European-style party, being that they would be in the midst of celebrating their summer. Ask guests to dress with summer in mind (think floral shirts and sunglasses) and serve piña coladas or daiquiris. (Hophaus, Southbank’s hottest German bar and restaurant offers some excellent function spaces and packages that would be perfect for this type of event);
  • No matter what they say, everyone loves a daggy jumper theme – you could perhaps even tie this in with a Christmas in July event;
  • If your company has a US counterpart why not throw a 4th of July party? Decorations and food ideas are easy to create, which makes for a simple yet effective and festive theme.

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If a themed event does not suit your style or mood you could host a cocktail party, which can simply be a great excuse to get dressed up (or down) and you can focus all your efforts on the wining and dining. There are plenty of venues to check out across Melbourne and Sydney that offer excellent function spaces and cocktail packages.

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Another option is to organise a team-building day. We’ve seen some clever ideas like corporate cooking classes, rock climbing and even professionally organised ‘Amazing Races’ that can be held in and around Melbourne and Sydney.

Alternatively, if you want to bring your staff together but don’t think they would appreciate a team-building day then you could consider something like ice-skating or one of Melbourne or Sydney’s infamous street tours. And a great way to finish a morning or afternoon outing is to stop for some food and drinks. Most venues offer generous function packages that are great for EOFY lunches and dinners.

Whichever way you choose to celebrate this time of year, now is the time to plan and book!

For ideas on venues and function packages take a look at Red Rock Venues EOFY page or contact us today.